Long Wood Drill Bits
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Long Wood Drill Bits

Long Wood Drill Bits

You Can Drill Clean Deep Holes Into The Toughest Wood With Long Wood Drill Bits

You can have the best cordless drill, but unless you have a good quality wood drill bit to go with it, you may not get your holes drilled. A drill is just as good as the bits you use. Drilling wood can be a hard task when drilling into really thick material. That's why you need to use long wood drill bits for those tougher projects. A good sharp long wood drill bit will get you through the hardest of wood with utmost ease and comfort. A long drill bit could range anywhere from 6 inches to 18 inches in length. Before rushing to your local hardware store and buying one of these bits, first assess your real need. Otherwise you may have to make additional trips back to the store. Or you may end up buying a bit that is too short.

If you're running electrical wire through studs in a wall, make sure the bit is wide enough for the wire to easily pass through the lumber. Also assess how thick the various pieces of lumber are. This will assure you have a long drill bit that is sufficient for drilling all the way through the material.   Like any job, if you don't have the right bit, you will end up frustrated and will waste a lot of time in the process.

It's wise to familiarize yourself with the different types of bits so you can choose the best one for your drilling needs. By purchasing an expansive bit, you have more flexibility in the width of holes you are drilling. If you are concerned about chip removal on a deep hole, you may opt for the auger type bit. For a nice smooth cutting hole, the twist bit may be best. Actually, the wood bit most preferred is the twist bit. An advantage of this kind of bit are the sharp edges which offer a smooth and clean hole. It also drills easily and quickly through some of the hardest wood product.

If one’s main concern is to drill a hole that is wide, but not so deep, then an adjustable drill bit for wood may be preferred. The adjustable long wood drill bits can be adjusted for considerably wide holes. With some of these expansive bits, they can be adjusted for a diameter of up to three inches.

Another variation in wood drill bits is the hole saw drill bit, that not only drills the wood easily, but also is capable of making deep as well as wide holes. A similar bit is known as a core drill bit. Each of these drill bits drill out a perfectly round chunk of wood. These drill bits have a center bit that is used to perfectly center the hole. The grinding cylinder then cuts out the round section of lumber.

Generally speaking, long wood drill bits are powerful, durable, sharp and also shock resistant. A long auger drill bit can also be used to make deep holes in the wood. A "spade" long drill bit can be used to craft out wide holes up to 1.5 inches in diameter. With continued use, any drill bit will eventually become dull and ineffective. If you do a lot of drilling, it may pay to invest in one of several good drill bit sharpeners. This is a tool that will pay for itself over time, and will keep you from making so many return trips to the hardward store.