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Wood Drill Bits

Wood Drill Bits

When Drilling Through Wood Products You Should Always Use Wood Drill Bits

Wood drill bits are bits that are specifically designed to be used to drill through wood material. You need to always have the proper type of bit for each job. Just as you wouldn't want to use a masonry drill bit to drill into metal, you shouldn't use tile drill bits to drill into wood. When you use the proper wood drill bit, it will drill with ease and will provide a precise and clean hole. It is so important to select an appropriate drill bit for the wood you are drilling. Good sharp wood drill bits are powerful, quick and easily drill through even the hardest pieces of wood. If you decide to build your own workbench held together with bolts, a wood drill bit would work ideally for drilling those holes. There are a number of wood bits to choose from for your woodworking projects. These are an ideal tool for even larger projects such as building your own storage shed. There are a wide variation of drill bits available for every kind of wood and for the different kinds of holes one may want to drill. For jobs where deep holes are needed, long wood drill bits are available. If the long drill bit still isn't long enough, a drill bit extension can be used.

When drilling through wood products, you will want to choose the best drill bit to fit your drilling needs. There are a number of different types of wood drill bits available. Included in those styles of bits are the twist drill bit, the auger wood bit, flat spade bits, expansive bits and hole saw bits. The following information will expand on each type of wood drill bit:

• Twist bits: Twist drill bits are those bits that are used to drill smaller holes in wood pieces. They do a good job of making  these holes with a fair amount of speed and power. They are mostly produced in metric sizes, although you can also buy them in imperial sizes. The most prominent feature of these twist bits is that they are equipped with twists on the drill bit body which helps make the hole quicker and easier. The twists are made of high quality steel for better resistance and durability.

• Wood bits: Wood bits somewhat resemble twist bits but they offer better results in wood when used appropriately. They are equipped with a pointed and sharp central point that helps keep them positioned. Wood drill bit sizes are available in larger diameters and can drill wood quickly and easily.

• Auger bits: The auger bit is another wood bit that has a spiral shaft and a wide cutting sharp edge with a tapered point for an exact fit. Unlike twist bits, auger bits are perfect for drilling deep and straight holes into wood. As this bit drills, wood particles are pulled out of the hole so as not to build up inside the hole. These drill bits drill very quickly and leave a clean hole.

• Flat bits: Flat bits are also used in drilling through wood. Unlike other kinds of wood drill bits, they have a single shape like cutter with diameters up to an inch and a half. These wood bits drill out a flat bottom hole as their name implies.

• Expansive bits: An expansive bit has the capability of being adjusted to a larger or smaller size. These bits are sharp, powerful and are designed to drill larger holes into wood. The outer cutter can be adjusted to drill holes up to inches in diameter.

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